Friday, October 15, 2010

Cheesy Chicken Roll-ups

So here is Friday and day 5 of my "Meals of Blogland" Meal Plan. Tonight's meal came to me courtesy of Life as a Domestic Nerd and was as healthy as she claimed... not very, but it was super yummy and a preschooler pleaser. Both points are pluses in my book regardless of the health factor. 
 Some of you may recall that I pulled a bonehead move once already this week. Well tonight's fowl up came courtesy of my husband. I had asked for a tube of crescent rolls on the grocery list as per the recipe, but he came home with biscuits, but I prevailed and I worked with what I had; I rolled out the biscuits thin and filled as per the recipe - they seemed to work out just fine, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it would have been better with the called for crescents... 
Flavour was great, all be it a little rich. I did top with a bit of some of the shredded cheese and melted just prior to serving. Gooey Goodness!

On a side note - we had snow today... I know, EEKS... ALREADY! It didn't stick around, but I think it was warning that those days are coming soon. We ventured out in the "blizzard" in the morning, but we were a bit housebound this afternoon so we did a super fun craft which I found on The DLTK Kids Website that I would like to share; 

Trace your child's hand and arm (up to elbow) on brown cardstock, (I also did mine) and cut out. Then glue on leaves (we picked some from the yard as well as used the template). It was a lot of fun and it kept my son's attention with ease. 

Here are the directions: Autumn Tree Craft

I have decided that with the dreary weather coming, we will do one craft a week from this site. I will post as we do them - I hope you get a chance to enjoy making them with your children (should you have any) :) 

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