Monday, October 11, 2010

Meal Plan ~ Week 42 - 2010

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 Ahhhh... (sigh of relief) another Meal Plan Monday completed! This one seemed to sneak up on me, I guess because it took a fair amount of leg work to come up with it. 

There are SO many WONDERFUL ladies out there in "Blogland" coming up with Meal Plans EVERY SINGLE week and I know that most of them have some absolutely amazingly yummy sounding meals, so I decided this week is my "Meals of Blogland" Meal Plan. I have researched through hundreds of meal plans and chosen 7 meals from 7 different meal planning bloggers to come up this week's plan. (It was HARD not to choose a hundred, but there are more weeks to come and if this works out, I'll do this again)

I am SO looking forward to this experiment!! Thanks to all these wonderful ladies for your inspiration!

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