Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chickpea and Tomato Curry

Betty Crocker Meal Plan Day 2  and much to my joy this meal lived up to its 30 minute claim. I served it with a brown/wild rice mix and as I was dishing it up, I though to myself - it will be a a cold day you know where when my son will eat this. But I put it in front of him anyway because I feel it is important for him to learn that a meal played is a meal eaten... and much to my utter SHOCK he goggled it all up, chickpeas, diced tomatoes (which he normally loathes), curry and wild rice and all.... WOO HOO! Touchdown!
So this meal will be back FOR certain and so far I am pleasantly surprised that 2 meals out of 2 so far have lived up to their suggested "to table" time.
Betty... I think I might be falling for you...

In case you missed it earlier today, I posted  about a super cool crafty site that I have come across. If crafting ANYTHING interests you, check it out!

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