Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Speedy Sausage and Bean Ragout

Tonight's recipe came courtesy of a friend of mine who made this for me last week. It was so awesome that I hurried home and made it for my family. It turned out wonderful! She had used a very special spicy sausage that added a great zip. I had to think of the wee ones, so I opted for less spicy a sausage and it turned out tasty anyway. I served this over a bed of rice, but I bet if you just serve it with a salad and a crusty roll to sop up the juice it would be a really great meal too.

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P.S. - Did you happen to see my "bonus post" this afternoon? Today was Kathy of JAX Does Design's Bake-n-Blog; Holiday Edition - check it out! :)


  1. This looks awesome. I am so making this as soon as I buy some sausage.

  2. Do! It is fabulous! It's going to be a staple in this house :)
    Thanks for stopping by



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