Friday, December 3, 2010

Change of Plans


I was absent last night because I was at my company Christmas Party (1 of 2) and I decorated my house and got my tree up! (see below) 
Tonight I was supposed to make Tuscan Chicken Simmer, but I just didn't feel like venturing into unknown territory so I made an old stand by: Speedy Chicken Stirfry from the Kraft Canada Website. It is SO easy and everyone at the table LOVES it. Even my 3 year old devoured his whole plate. 
Today was another busy day (aren't they all in December???) I was getting ready for my 3 year old's birthday party tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow's post will include a photo of his Construction Themed Cake and some of the platters and food that I made today...phew, I'm BEAT...
...but, back to tonight's supper... I strongly suggest it, it is SO fast, simple and yummy - you can't go wrong in giving it a try!

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Photos of Christmas Trees NEVER work for me!

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  1. Your tree looks beautiful, Jill and I can't wait to see birthday pictures. I'm sure the party will be amazing :)

  2. Thx! I'm pretty excited about his cake, but I can't make it until a couple hours prior to the party, so it's a little nerve wracking... cross your fingers for me... :)

  3. Xmas trees are so hard to photograph... but I can see that yours is lovely :-)

  4. Thank you Alessandra! Happy Holidays!



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