Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dirt Birthday Cake and Cheese Enchiladas Verde

Last night was my son's 3rd birthday party (his birthday is not until the 27th, but it is so hard to celebrate so close to Christmas). We had a party at a local Gymnastics Club and had it over the supper hour so we had to ensure there was enough food. We served Chili, Hot Dogs, a Veggie and Dip Platter, and a Crackers, Meat and Cheese Platter, and of course Birthday Cake. My son wanted a "Construction" themed party so I made a Dirt Cake. I had found many recipes, but kinda made this one up as a combination of a few ideas I had seen. It was a huge hit and SO easy to make and it REALLY doesn't matter how it looks... actually the yuckier the better! :) 

Tonight's supper was Cheese Enchilada Verde and it was a fabulous Meatless Meal choice after copious amounts of Chili last night. It was light and I loved that it had shredded zucchini hidden inside and let's face it; I am having a love affair with fresh Cilantro. At first my son refused to try it, I got him to eat one tiny little piece and he declared that he loved it and proceeded to gobble it up! This meal will make another appearance to our table for sure. I am still new to the sweet heat of Salsa Verde, but just love it - you should try it too if you like a little spice! 

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  1. Awesome dirt cake, Jill! Those pylon candles are too cute :)

  2. Thanks! I am really happy with how it turned out!
    I love hunting down those little touches like the candles. :)
    Next up a standing dinosaur cake for Kyler's 1 year!



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