Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bonus Post - Bake-n-Blog: Holiday Edition

Today is the big reveal for the Bake-n-Blog: Holiday Edition hosted by Kelly at JAX Does Design. The basic idea is that of a virtual Cookie Recipe Exchange for bloggers and the way it worked was we chose a recipe out of MANY and then we make that recipe and blog about our experience. 
My choice was "Pummies" by Cindy @ Bandaids Required. A pumpkin based cookie with 3 possible variations. I must say that there are 4 good reasons why I am glad that I chose this recipe. 
1: They are FORGIVING ~ I got Pumpkin Pie Filling, not canned Pumpkin. I thought that it might make the cookies too sweet, but I powered through and made the recipe as stated and they turned out delicious!
2: They are EASY ~ I whipped them up today while I made my sons' lunch and they were a breeze. I mixed all the "wet ingredients" in my electric mixer bowl and just added the "dry ingredients" one at a time into the mixture. One bowl!
3: They are VERSATILE ~ Did I mention that there are 3 variations? Rum, Chocolate Chip (my choice), Maple, Lemon, Ginger, and Pumpkin Pie Spice, Raisin, Nut. 
4: They are FABULOUS!! ~ They have an awesome cake-like texture and are nice and soft. Love, love, love these! I will definietley add these to my Autumn baking list for next year. 
I hope you try them too! 

Thanks to Kelly for hosting this wonderful Bake-n-Blog and thanks to Cindy for a wonderful recipe! 

Now, if you have the time, you should go check out the rest of the recipes (Right now there are 16 besides mine!)

On the same topic, but different vein. This morning I received a pleasant surprise in my email inbox... my Cookie Countdown to Christmas by All you have to do is sign up for a free account and then manage your subscriptions and you can get a cookie recipe emailed to you everyday until Christmas. (If you already have an account, just go to your email subscriptions and sign up) This is my second year receiving them and have yet to be disappointed. If you do not feel like getting them everyday, you can simply go to the site and view all the past cookies. 

Today's cookie was: Ultimate Chocolate Chip

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  1. Now I know what pummies are! I'd never heard of them before you selected them for the Bake-N-Blog - and I'm happy you did, because they look & sound yummy - and REALLY easy to make! Gotta love a recipe that lets you get away with an OOPS or two :-) And just one bowl - perfect!

    Thanks so much for taking part in Bake-N-Blog - I think we need to do another one in the spring :-)


  2. I didn't know before I found this recipe either! :)
    I look forward to joining again in the Spring!

  3. I like the variations on these cookies...the Rum sounds really interesting.
    They look great!



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