Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Catch up

Good grief the last time you heard from me (other than my Meal Plan) was on the 24th! I didn't mean to keep you hanging like that, I have just been soo busy (as we all have I am sure) 
So here are the remaining items from the last couple days which will catch up up to today... 

Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal Pie

Christmas Eve we had Mandarin Cake and Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal Pie. Manadarin Cake has always been a regular staple of mine and it turned out just as good as always. Last you heard I mentioned my mishap with the Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal Pie, but not how it tasted. It tasted terrific! It was like a gigantic butter tart, so if you like those like I do, you'll love this pie and the lack of Liqueur had no bearing on it at all! 

2 Bite Pumpkin Pie

Mini Oreo Cheesecakes

Christmas day we had 2 Bite Pumkin Pies and Mini Oreo Cheesecakes. As I had mentioned before the Pumpkin Pies were AWESOME and I made a batch for the 28th as well. The Mini Oreo Cheesecakes were yummy, but I found the cookie on the bottom to be a little hard still - the next day they were better. So if you make these, I would do so a day early and keep them in the fridge. You can also put any kind of cookie you can think of on the bottom as the cheesecake itself is VERY neutral.  

Boxing Day - nothing to report, just left overs! 
December 27th was my son's 3rd birthday so we had a pizza party where we all got to make our own pizza. I just put the toppings in bowls and let everyone choose their own and baked them in the 350 degree oven right on the rack. The one tip my Mum gave me about mixing cheeses (because I like to mix Cheddar and Mozza for our pizzas) is to add a little of the powdered Parmesan and it helps the cheese to not stick together. Brilliant really!

December 28th - we went to friend's for dinner and I brought Magic Bars and 2 Bite Pumpkin Pies. Nothing new here. 

Snow Log (cut up)

December 29th -we had company so I decided on Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Carrots, Gravy and Yorshire Puddings. No real recipes here - sorry - other than the Yorkies and I must say I was not loving them. They didn't rise really high and they were a little more dense than I like. So I think I am on the market for a new recipe there. I do have my Mum's fabulous Yorkie recipe hiding somewhere in my house, I will try to dig that one up the next time. Everything else turned out great - in my mind you cannot go wrong with Gravy...EVER. For dessert we had Snow Log and I could not stop eating it... so easy, so cute and so delicious and not too sweet either. These will make another appearance for certain. The only change here is I rolled it in Flaked Coconut, not Vanilla crumbs - AHH-SOME!

Well, sorry this post was so long, but now we are up to speed. Tonight is Chinese Chicken with Pineapple - an easy, returning meal so no post this evening.


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