Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Turkey Potato Boats and Sweet Treats

 What a fun day! The Turkey Potato Boats were a big hit all around. I set out a project for Dad and Son to do while I cooked supper... They decorated the sails for our boats. 

As well as being fun, these boats were quite tasty. I did find that although they had a spicy flavour, they were kind of flat, so I did add a little Italian Spice to round it out as well as a small tin of Tomato Juice to add to the sauce. Over all they were fun in the beginning and delicious in the end and they will being sailing into this harbour again for sure! (Snappy looking boats, eh?)

...Now onto the sweet treats of the day - 2 to speak of! (I was busy!)

Oh so Yummy and fun. And they yield a HUGE batch! They would be good as a classroom snack due to ease and how many they make. I was going to freeze some, but between my husband sneaking them and me sending some to the Dayhome - we only have a couple left. My son absolutely LOVED them as well as the rest of the kiddies at the Dayhome! 

A fairly standard Banana Bread, but with a ribbon of Nutella criss-crossed throughout... so YUMMY!! A nice little treat for sure. My son helped me make it and was VERY proud of his "Banana Party Cake". I think you could add chopped pecans or walnuts for a nice crunch as well.

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