Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Operation Bring Back the Snack"

Like most Mom's I know I started out with great intentions and high expectations that all my darling Son's snacks would be healthy and homemade. Don't get me wrong, having the odd treat and goodie is what being kid is all about and I have no problem with occasional splurges, but with summertime parties, BBQ's, picnics, outings and the need for convenience it's hard to stay the course.

The other day I opened my pantry to get my son a snack and actually took stock of all the packaged snacks that were spilling out of my cupboards and internally gasped. Packages of cookies, granola bars, fruit twists, pretzels, snacking crackers, popcorn, cracker sticks, gummies, mini Oreos... oh the list could go on. I have completely given into the marketing of the "100 calorie" packs and their convenience and their single serving size that is so easy to throw into a backpack as you run out the door... EEKS!!

I am now a Mom on a Mission called "Operation Bring Back the Snack". I know I can't flip a switch and be back to my homemade ways, but I have come up with some ideas and I figure if I can get a 2 week plan into rotation it just might work... so long as I can get my message through to my "Fruit and Veggies are Yucky" almost 3 year old - I'll be golden.

This is where you come in... I need some ideas - throw them all at me! I would like creative, fun snacks. I have about 13 ideas myself, but have hit a wall. I need a few more and that's when the Menu Planning Magic will commence... I'll take creative lunch ideas too! 

Thanks for helping me in my quest and look for my Child's Daily Meal Plan coming soon!!

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