Sunday, January 16, 2011

Meal Assembly Journey - Part 1 ~ The Sign up

My return to work after a year on Mat Leave is looming. This is my second swing at the bat so I have a pretty good idea of what the first few weeks of routine change will be like. I know that the schedule change from being at home 24/7 to being out of the house 9 hours a day/5 days a week will be a big one for the whole family and I know getting delicious and nutritious meals to the table on time will be a challenge until we get into "our groove".

The first time I went back to work after Mat Leave I went through a library of recipes and decided which ones would be good to freeze. I then purchased oven ready containers, made a master list of all the ingredients and spent 2 full days in the kitchen while I prepped and cooked enough meals to fill my freezer. A lot of work to say the least, but it DID save us BIG TIME when it came to the first few weeks back to work. (I did this when I was leaving for my Maternity Leaves as well so I had LOTS of food in my freezer for when the babes came - a HUGE lifesaver!) 

This time will be different...

I decided to try something I have been wanting to try for AGES... A Meal Assembly Company.

In my search I found many choices for companies that have ready made meals that you can pick up or have delivered (all of which look fabulous) and if you are not one to cook this may be the best option for you, but I love to cook so I chose Dashing Dishes of Calgary because they had a location close to my home, their meals sounded delicious as well as kid-friendly and nutritious and finally, I get to be a part of the process. 

Here are the other wonderful looking companies in Calgary that I found: 

Dashing Dishes (yup, they'll do all the work if you want - you just stop by to pick it up)

First Step with Dashing Dishes was to sign up online (which was a snap and took 2 minutes) you pick a session you would like to attend. The next step was to pick the meals you want to make out of their 14 choices; either 8 or 12 (or more, up to 24) THAT was the hard part because they all sounded so yummy! Each meal serves 4-6 people and you can also split your meals in half for no charge! (I opted for that choice, because my sons are not quite full portions yet). 

Now that all that is completed I just sit and wait for my session. I will be going on January 25th and will write about how my experience was and then finally I will write my humble reviews of the meals themselves. Be sure to come back and check out how the journey unfolds! 

This series will also be featured in the Kids in Cowtown Blog starting Jan 19th

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