Sunday, December 12, 2010

Low-fat Beef with Spinach and Rice

The one positive about this meal is it was just like baby food, so it was perfect for my infant to try. The flavour wasn't horrible, but wasn't great. I had issues with this meal from the get go, once I put all the ingredients in the pan to simmer, as per the recipe, it was already thick and the rice wasn't cooked yet, so I had to continuously add water (probably about 2 Cups all said and told) and I had to cook it for about 10 minutes longer than called for. So this meal took FOREVER considering what we ended up with. 
No thanks, not for us, but both my sons LOVED it, so all the leftovers are being frozen into child serving sizes. If you have a picky eater aged 1-4 at your table, throw a little cheese on top and I bet they just might eat it. 

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