Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bark and Bacon - Christmas Prep is well under way

Today's post is all about more of my Christmas prep. A couple more items were checked off my list today and both were new recipes to me. 

First up - Peppermint Bark. Not new to many of you I am sure, but personally I have never been a fan of peppermint and chocolate, until I tried this the other night at a party. SO yummy! Semisweet Chocolate and White Chocolate with crushed Candy Canes on top. Such a pretty presentation for something so simple. BUT don't do what I did - I didn't follow the recipe I just melted a box of Baker's Semisweet and a box of Baker's White (separately) and thought I would need a box of Candy Canes crushed, so I did the infuriating task of unwrapping a whole box of Candy Canes and crushing them when in reality all I needed was maybe 3. So I have OODLES of crushed Canes leftover for another batch and another (oh darn!).

Secondly - Breakfast Cookies. I saw this recipe and thought that it would be a lot of fun for Christmas Morning brunch. Really more of a novelty than anything, but they are the last ones laughing... Bacon Cookies are DELICIOUS!! I used about 3/4 Cup Crumbled Bacon from Costco and unsalted Butter. I also switched out the Raisins for Craisins as I find Raisins are not a big crowd pleaser. Honestly, I think this is a "try it to believe it" recipe because not only are they awesome, but the bacon is not overly salty... This recipe is going to be a staple around here for special brunches for sure!!

Lastly - this evenings supper was nothing new so I won't get into it, but click here for my previous review. 

In a nutshell that was my day (along with last minute shopping and wrapping and card mailing): phew! I love this holiday, but I have to ask "Is it Wine O'Clock yet?"  

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