Sunday, November 14, 2010

No Cream Creamy Chickpea Soup with Parmesan Croutons and Cookie Exchange Recipes

A super creamy and filling soup. It reminded me of yellow pea soup - very hearty and perfect for a crisp autumn day. This was the first time I ever made croutons and I knew in my heart that they were easy to make, but now I know that they are and they taste SO much better than the rock hard store bought  ones. My son even ate most of his soup which made me happy because it was full on nothing but good things. I will have this soup on the menu again for sure! 

I also whipped up test batches of 2 out of the 3 cookies that I will be making for Christmas cookie exchanges this year. The first up was Red Velvet Cakeys with White Chocolate Chunks from Very yummy and "cake-like". Honestly my husband can't stop eating them (which helps my waistline). I made them just as the recipe says. For the exchange I am going to 'up" the red food colouring just a bit, they just weren't red enough for my liking. DELICIOUS though! 

Next up was Egg Nog Cookies from Kicked Up Cookie Recipes. I decided to be daring and switched out the Vanilla for Spiced Rum and HELLO! These turned out AH-MAZING! They are light, almost shortbread-like and not too sweet. You can just get a hint of the creamy egg nog and the subtle kick of rum. I think these too will be a hit.


The last cookie that I will be making this year for a cookie exchange is one of my fave standbys Soft Gingersnaps. Easy to make, quick to eat and the recipe makes a nice big batch. 

So there you have my 3 cookie recipes that I'll be making for my 3 Christmas Exchanges this year - I am SO glad that the test batches worked out and I can move onto the serious batches, because well, these ones are already gone... 

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