Saturday, August 28, 2010

Check in and Reviews

 So it has been almost 4 days since I have checked in and the reason why is that I haven't really done any cooking. 

Wednesday - We had take out from Wok Box - not bad, may try it again some other time. 

Thursday - We had Perogies and Farmers Sausage - out of the package and just like you imagine it. One of our guilty pleasures around here. My son can almost eat more than I can! 

Friday -My husband and I went out to Red Water Grill for our wedding anniversary and Grandma and our son had Pizza. I had the BEST Rack of Lamb I have ever eaten, SO tender! I also had delectable Tuna Carpacio and a Vanilla Bean Whiskey Creme Brulee. mmmm!!!  

Today I am doing some baking because I have some ladies coming over tomorrow for a Lia Sophia Jewelry Party. So I am making my Coconut Toffee Macaroons,  Mandarin Cake, and Soft Gingersnaps. All of them are sure bets. I do not really have the time today to be experimenting as we have a birthday BBQ to go to tonight. 

 Here are the recipes for those baked goods:


Soft Gingersnaps

Coconut Toffee Macaroons

Mandarin Cake

Now onto planning next week's meals and the grocery list ~ I SHOULD have more meals and recipes for you this coming week!  :-)

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