Monday, August 30, 2010

Meal Plan ~ Week 36 2010

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Monday - Cheesy Sausage and Rice Bake (from last week) 
                    Recipe - Cheesy Sausage and Rice Bake

Tuesday - Crab Noodle Romanoff
                     Recipe - Crab Noodle Romanoff

-Au Gratin Taco Bake
                           Recipe - Au Gratin Taco Bake

-Southwestern Chicken Pizza
                       Recipe - Southwestern Chicken Pizza

-Thai Style Pork
                 Recipe - Thai Style Pork

- Shake'n'Bake Chicken with Broccoli Corn Casserole
                       Recipe - Broccoli Corn Casserole

Sunday - Spending night in Banff - Family out to Restaurant

Never work before breakfast; if you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first.  ~Josh Billings

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