Friday, January 28, 2011

Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese

I'm so clever!!! ha ha ha! This was a fabulous alternative to the box of florescent orange noodles and cheese sauce that my son has come to cherish. I knew that he would pick out the peas, but he had no idea that he ate sweet potatoes with every bite! It was quite tasty, but I think I may add a few spices to it next time as the flavour was a little flat for my liking. Mustard powder and paprika might brighten it up a bit. 
If you have a child who LOVES cheesy noodles, this is a perfect recipe for you to try. (P.S. I used my pre-frozen puree) All I did was roast the potatoes with skin on for about 50 minutes (until soft) let them cool to the touch and then the skin just peeled right off and there was no waste. Pureed them and put 1/2 cup portions in zip top bags and froze. When it came to making supper tonight I just thawed 2 bags and, viola, supper was done in 20 minutes. :)


  1. That is very clever. I have Jerry Seinfeld's wife's cookbook with disguised veggies. Haven't tried any yet, but this one looks easy and good.

  2. Hi Sherry - I have actually tried a few of her recipes in the past couple weeks. Banana Bread with Cauliflower, Mashed Potatoes with Cauliflower, Chicken with Sweet Potato and Oatmeal Cookies with Zucchini to name a few. If you have time to browse my blog you should check out my reviews!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Jill, this looks delicious! I think we may try it tonight :)



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