Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 38 In Review ~ The Good, The Bad and the Tasteless

The moment has arrived; Week 38 Review! It includes some culinary triumphs and some defeats... enjoy! Onto Week 39 Meal Plan!! 

Monday ~ Oriental Tuna Bites
 Turned out perfect. My son loves that he can dip the bites in copious amounts of plum sauce. This is a fast, easy recipe. I served a Knorr sides plus for him as the stir-fry tends to be a bit spicy (just the way we like it) 

Tuesday ~ Breakfast for Supper
I totally stretched myself with this one... I felt like a short order cook at Denny's and was very frazzled by the time the meal hit the table. We had pancakes (Coyote Flax Seed/Whole Wheat Pancake Mix) with mashed in bananas, bacon, hashbrowns and scrambled eggs with cheese. I would not even attempt this again for supper unless the bacon and pancakes were already prepared ahead of time and just needed to be reheated/toasted. Of course it was AWESOME with real Maple Syrup drizzled over it all and I must admit I had a beer with dinner which was a novel idea(beer with breakfast - can't say I've ever done THAT before!)

Wednesday ~ Corn Chowder with Potatoes and Bacon served with cheese biscuits
YUM! I made the biscuits from the recipe on the bisquick box and (of course) added some shredded cheese. They turned out perfect and where very quick to whip up. The chowder was amazing and so perfect for a dreary rainy day. I did find that there were too many scallions called for; the recipe says 20 (I only used 6 and it was still a tad much) It did have a nice spice and warmth to it even as it cooled down. My son hated it - way to spicy for him. My husband and I loved it. 

Thursday ~ Cajun Spiced Chicken served with Tzatziki Sauce and Lemony Baby Potatoes and Tossed Grape Tomatoes with Purple Onion and Feta.
UGH! Where to start? The Tzatziki was GROSS - the olive oil totally over powdered the sauce and just ransacked the whole meal. The Cajun Chicken wasn't very flavourful and didn't really crisp up like I thought it would. I knew that I had used a recipe from All Recipes for my Tzatziki before and it turned out great - THIS was NOT it. So I am now in need of a REAL Tzatziki Sauce recipe should you have one!

Friday ~ No cooking - Mom out!! 

Saturday ~ Chili served with Canadian Style Corn Fritters

Oh so delightful! Like most people I hold my Secret Chili Recipe near and dear, so sorry everyone, but "Mom's the Word" on my recipe!  The Corn Fritters were delicious and perfect for dipping into the Chili. They were like little corn pancakes in flavour and texture and that is exactly what my son calls them. There were lots left over so I froze them to be used for lunches.

Sunday ~ Chicken and Spinach Risotto Rice Pot 

A really good meal, but I found the Chicken to be flavourless, so if I make this again, I would omit the Chicken and serve the rice as a side dish.  And can you call it Risotto? It is made with Basmati Rice - I personally thought Risotto was made with Arborio, but I'm not a chef, so I would love to know!

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