Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vegetable Fish Chowder

I've never made any kind of Fish Chowder before due to the fact that I had a bad experience with Clam Chowder when I was a kid. When I was making this week's meal plan - I thought, "Why not?" so here it is and here we are and I was pleasantly surprised. It was very delicious and easy to whip up. It ended up a little thin, so more like a soup, but I think a little longer simmer time and maybe a touch more flour will take care of that. I whipped up a batch of "Bisquick" biscuits (with cheese of course) to soak up the excess liquid. A very comforting meal indeed! I think this may have opened the door for me to venture out to the realm of Clam Chowders one day!

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